Sunday, June 29, 2014

Lake Oconee Fishing -Striped Bass and Crappie

Well guys, "TheBeardedMan" is back!

I'm happy to be returning to blogger and I have nothing but exciting new news to share with you all. My blog won't just be my ramblings about my bald head and beard anymore. It's going to be about vacations, grilling, and my new found passion "PHOTOGRAPHY". 

Just to get things started, I wanted to share my most recent trip with you. The wife and I decided to take a trip to Georgia and visit my bro and his family. There was nothing but excitement coming from the backseat where my daughters sat anticipating seeing their cousins and Oh, how I love the open road!
It took us 9 hours to get to their part of Georgia and we took it all in. The trees, the country air, even the gross rest stops with the crappy gas station coffee. 
Upon our arrival to Georgia we found out that my Mom and Dad had also made the trip and it would be a big family celebration. Now, just a heads up, every time my Dad, Bro and I get together there's always some friendly competition brewing and this time was no different. We decided to have ourselves a little fishing tournament and we found a great charter boat and captain named Mike Haralson of "SirHooksAlot" Guide Service. He gives guided tours and chartered fishing trips on Lake Oconee. 
Lake Oconee-all I can say is beautiful! There are campgrounds all around the area and it's a safe environment for outdoor fun. So, all the fellas, including my nephews, went on an adventure targeting "Striped Bass" and "Crappies". We had a hell of a time! 

Enough of the chitchat. Checkout our video below, courtesy of Captain Mike and please subscribe to his youtube channel for more fishing videos. 
Here's his info: 
Mike Haralson at
phone: 678-618-6183
youtube link:
YT: "Mikeha71"

TheBeardedMan "Striped Bass"

Results: 13 Stripers, 24 Crappie