Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fat Boy's Diary 2

 Hey Guys!

Just had to share some good eats with you! I didn't think Instagram should get ALL the fun!!!

I had the pleasure of  eating at a great BBQ Joint named, "Shorty's" I hugged the waitress before I left and told her she hasn't seen the last of me! LOL
BBQ has to be my favorite way to eat any type of meat. The ribs were finger licking good, the brisket was so tender and delicious and the BBQ sauce was on point!

 They also had 2 for o1 on beer so, that made it just about as close to heaven as I'm ever gonna get! LMAO IJK.

Hope I made you hungry!!! BBQ sounds good right about now doesn't it? BOL

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William Stoneman said...

Two thumbs up on that!!