Saturday, November 28, 2015

Maestro's Classic | Beard Brand Review

Hey guys, today the Beardedman is honored to share with you his favorite beard care brand, Maestro's Classic.

Many people may think it's a simple task to growing a beard however, I'll be the first to tell you that it's all about dedication, patience and of course the right products to get you started. 
In the beginning, I wasn't washing or conditioning my beard. "What a huge mistake!" My beard was in very bad shape, dry, itchy and unmanageable. I did research for about a month and I came across Maestro's Classic. Let's just say my life changed for the better.

Maestro's Classic has created products that enhance the beard and skin. The Beard Wash relaxes an untangles your beard, it doesn't take much product to get a great lather and it smells great! While my beard is still damp I apply the beard butter. The Beard Butter is amazing. The texture of the butter is light and creamy, it leaves your beard looking naturally healthy and not oily or shiny. It also doesn't leave any residue in your beard or transfer to your clothing or other fabrics. Since I've started using the butter my beard thickness and length has nearly doubled! I've even noticed that my beard has become easier to comb through while dry as well.

Maestro's Classic has 3 blends to choose from currently. My favorite blend is called the 
"Spirited Blend". It has a rustic, manly smell-not overwhelming at all. I would recommend Maestro's Classic to anyone who doesn't like beard oils and to gentlemen who love to take great care of their facial hair and skin.

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