Sunday, September 18, 2016

Noir Classic Pomade Review for Men of Color-Beard and Facial Hair.

Facial Hair is trending right now!  No matter the shadow, stubble or a full out Santa beard, there seems to be a company out there that will cater to all your facial hair needs.

I've had the pleasure of trying out a new company for you guys and I'm super excited to tell you about their products. 

Noir Classic is a company that prides itself on vegan, paraben, dye, and detergent free products. The website actually says, Noir Classic only uses ingredients that you can pronounce. I'm so happy about that because; beneath my facial hair is skin and I want to keep that skin as healthy as possible.

Noir Classic really takes into consideration the struggles of men of color. Our facial hair can be curly, kinky, thick, straight, thin, dry, oily and just malnourished. I've been using their POMADE for 2 weeks now and I can tell you that it's very nourishing. It soothes my hair and my skin. My beard looks and stays moisturized and healthy.
I apply the pomade every evening after a hot shower. My pores are open during this time and my face is washed so, I've always felt that this is the perfect time to apply a product and let it do it's thing overnight. Let me tell you, Great Results! I don't even have to re-apply in the morning. I simply comb my beard in the morning and because of the wax in the product, my hairs stay in place.
All the ingredients in the pomade (and their other products) are natural and I can use them on my head as well. I love the fact that they've included Jamaican Black Castor Oil in this product because it's known to aid in healthy hair growth.

Overall, my experience using this pomade has been a great one and I challenge anyone with a beard/facial hair that seems to be missing the luster and conditioning that it so desperately needs, give the Noir Classic Pomade a try.  VISIT NOIR CLASSIC WEBSITE USA, LLC

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