Friday, October 21, 2016

American Stylish Beverly Hills Review for MEN USA, LLC

If you're looking for a product that is not only great for facial hair but, it's also awesome for the skin, look no further! American Stylish Beverly Hills knows what your skin needs and what your beard wants.

The Maui Trance Beard Wash for sensitive skin has an amazing tropical scent. With a dampened face I applied about a half dollar sized amount to my hands, then distributed the wash through my beard. There was no lather but, the product was very creamy and coated my strands well. I let it stay on my beard for the duration of my shower then I rinsed my beard thoroughly. My beard felt very soft and manageable. I was able to comb through the strands without experiencing any tangles. This product moisturizes very well on it's own. The skin under my beard felt refreshed and there was no itching. - Male Grooming Products

The Havana Nights Luxurious Beard Oil smelled incredible. I've been receiving compliments on the scent of my beard from my wife and I couldn't be happier. "A happy wife, A happy life". LOL
This oil comes in 1 fl.oz. and it's a rich oil so a little will definitely go a long way. I personally like a thicker oil because of my high porosity hair. My beard seems to suck up oils as quickly as I apply them and this oil lasts all day. The Rum Rico Luxurious Beard Oil was just as fantastic. American Stylish Beverly Hills really knows how to capture the essence of their fragrances and these scents make me feel like I'm on a tropical island with the finest cigar and the longest, healthiest beard. (Well, a fella can dream huh?)
American Stylish Beverly Hills Beard Wash and Oils
Beard Wash-and Beard Oils.

I've really started taking UV protection seriously after having the worst sunburn of my life this past summer. (I'll attach a pic below) So, trying out the American Stylish Bald Head UV Physical Sunscreen was a no brainer. Being a Floridian, I'm no stranger to the sun but, it seems like every year it gets hotter and hotter. I love the idea of protecting my head and doing it in a way that isn't oily or shiny. The UV Sunscreen actually absorbs shine and has a matte finish!
Bald Heads are Trending! Take care of yours!
The Bald Head Pure Tepez Serum is also a great product to use on your head and your face. It's super moisturizing and both Bald Head products have very light scents. The Serum is also said to reduce signs of aging.
My head after a recent sunburn Summer 2016.

American Stylish Beverly Hills Products
Bald Head UV Physical Sunscreen/Pure Tepez Serum

The best part about American Stylish Beverly Hills is their commitment to making Paraben Free, Synthetic Fragrance Free products. There are no animals used for testing and they are dedicated to healthy skin. The Company also has great products for women and they're always having sales on gift sets so please check out their website! American Stylish Beverly Hills

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