Sunday, January 8, 2017

SheaMoisture Men's Maracuja and Shea Oils Beard Products

Today is a really good day for a guy with a beard. One of the top companies in the hair care market has formulated four extremely awesome products for our beards. The beard wash, detangler, beard oil, and the beard balm.

Let me start by saying of these products are free of  Parabens, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, Mineral Oil, Sulfates, and Animal Testing. The Beard Wash is clear and has a thick, rich consistency. I have used the wash several times and I'll be the first to say its fantastic. It took a little over a dime sized amount to cover a beard like mine. It lathered nicely and smells great. The wash didn't strip my beard at all, it left my beard feeling soft and manageable. I would totally recommend this product to you guys to check out.  

For you guys that have a hard time combing through your beard, Shea Moisture has the solution. The Beard Detangler is a dream product. I use this product two different ways because it works like a leave conditioner as well. The first way I use it is right after I wash my beard. I leave the beard damp and the apply the detangler. Your beard will automatically soften as it becomes more easy to comb. The second way is when your on go and really don't wanna use a heavy product you can apply the detangler as a "Leave In" and your ready to go. It doesn't leave a film over your beard and it's very fluffy and me, the ladies love it!

The Beard Oil is the heavier side and coats the beard nicely. However, the oil isn't as greasy as most beard oils I've used in the past. I noticed less beard itch that is a huge plus. Overall, this oil moisturizes and softens the beard while adding a little sheen.

The last product I'm gonna talk about is the Beard Balm. When I first opened up this product I was thinking it wasn't gonna be a good product because it looked brittle and cracked up in pieces. I had never seen a beard balm look like that before! Once I rubbed through the balm it felt soft but not as soft as others. I was actually thinking of whipping it myself to make more creamy. I even thought I mistankingly bought a bad bottle. To my surprise, even though it looked a little rough, the balm still performed very well. It shaped my beard very nicely, also giving it great definition. Throughout the day my beard smelled great and was very moisturized and healthy looking. 

My all around score on the Shea Moisture Maracuja Beard Products is 10 out of 10. Not often does a company make a complete line of products and all of them work well. 

The tips I would give for shopping this line are:
1. Shop for the beard that you have. Meaning shorter beards would benefit more from using oils. While bigger beards can used oils and balms. 
2. Don't feel like you have to get all four products. 
I would say the must haves are the Beard Wash, Beard Detangler, and your choice of Oil or Balm.

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Bradley Fowler said...

All beard growth products are effective for healthy beard which you have shared. I have a great experience of natural beard growth products . Thanks for sharing this blogpost!

Nicholas Palmer said...

How often do you use the beard balm?

BeardedMan31 said...

I use the beard balm most mornings...or whenever I’m going out.

BeardsMen said...

There are many beard products are available on the market. I used beard shampoo in past and feel my beard is to dry, but when I wash my beard with Beardsmen Beard wash and conditioner I get my beard soft and silky.