Saturday, August 9, 2014

Creamy Whole Grain Chicken Pasta

Eating Healthy, Makes Us Feel Good! Whole Grain Pasta and Fresh Chicken Breast are perfect for a guilt free meal.

Hello good people, today I'll be sharing with you another quick, easy and fullfilling recipe.

Whole Grain Chicken Pasta. Yes, whole grain. It's ok to eat healthy it's all about how you season your dishes. This dish was taught to me by my beautiful mother she also blogs you can check her out at her blog spot +BEAUTYROCKSME  for all you ladies that like to be dolled up. You guys should already know by now I like to get straight to the point, LOL. So, I will be sharing with you all the ingredients I use and showing you the pictures at the end so I hope you enjoy. P.S. remember TheBeardedMan rarely measures, we're all adults lets just season to taste LOL!


Chicken Breast

Classico Four Cheese Alfredo Sauce

Mueller's Whole Wheat Penne Pasta

1 Whole Onion

Minced Garlic

Kosher Salt

Garlic Pepper 

Black Pepper

Olive Oil

Basically your gonna bring your pot of water to a boil & add your noodles. Let them cook for about 15 minutes (wheat pasta needs to cook a little while longer in my opinion) when the pasta is nice and soft drain them and put them to the side.

Next add some olive oil to your skillet over medium heat, add your chopped onions, minced garlic and chicken breast to the skillet proceed to saute chicken.

In another pot you can start  warming your Alfredo sauce along with any cheeses you want to add, that's totally up to you and your taste buds. Let your sauce heat for about 10 minutes or so and then combine everything in one pot.  Pasta, Chicken Breast amd Alfredo Sauce. Easy enough!

This is a very flavorful dish it also works well with shrimp and lobster. So, give it a go and tell me what you think. Thanks again for visiting my blog. REMEMBER TO CLICK THE "JOIN" BUTTON ON MY BLOG PAGE.

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