Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Art of Shaving-New York Review

The Art of Shaving New York. A gentlemen's review.

Today I"ll be sharing with you my favorite shaving products. For a while I was searching for a good shaving cream and a moisturizer, although there are many products available, they never satisfied me. All of that changed after a trip to the mall that was intended to be for my wife, and guys we all know what kind of long drawn out day that could be.

So, we decided to go our separate ways (In the Mall), as I was walking I noticed a very nice distinguished looking place called The Art Of Shaving.  My eye's stretched wide and boy was I excited. As I entered the shop all I could do was smile. Finally, a man's store for beauty needs LOL! Guys this place has everything a man could dream of from razors to creams, soaps, oils, gift sets.... they got it!
All I was missing was a nice Cognac and a Stogie.

The staff was very helpful and knew exactly what they where talking about. The gentleman that helped me had taken the time to explain to me what each product was used for and if it would be good for me or not. I never once felt like I was being pressured or tricked into buying an item. The items are on the higher end $$$ but guys all I can say is you get what you pay for, very well worth the prices.

My purchases included five items. 60ML. Pre-Shave Oil, Shaving Cream, After-Shave Balm, Moisturizer, and Lathering Brush. Now for those of you that actually looked at My handsome profile picture you may say, he has a beard, he calls himself "Thebeardedman", why does he need shaving products? LOL take another look... I've decided I like a shaved head vs hair. No, I'm not going bald I just like the bald look better and my wife said I look sexy bald LOL!

As for the products I'll give you a brief opinion each product I purchase. Let's start with the Pre-Shave Oil. This stuff is pure genius, if you want to get a close shave without irritation and cuts, your prayers have been answered. Apply just a small amount, the bottle will last quite a while. It nourishes the skin and I have the unscented bottle but they have several fragrance's that smell wonderful if your into scents. It leaves my head feeling smooth and soft and it really improves how the razor glides across my skin.

Next, the Shaving Cream. A little goes along way. A nickle size in the palm of my hand gives you a rich thick lather that's incredible. The cream softens and lifts the little hairs as they grow back for more comfortable shave. It also protects your skin from those nasty razor burns and bumps.

The moisturizer is wonderful as well. I chose to use this after I shaved my head instead of the balm. The Moisturizer had a bit more ingredients to offer that was great for the skin. Such as Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil etc. Again, a small amount gets the job done. Rub the product into your skin and let it absorb and your skin will be nice a soft very good for a ball head, it's not greasy and thick it's very light and absorbing.

The last two products are the After- Shaving Balm and the Lathering Brush. The balm I used on my face. It keeps my face looking healthy and fresh. It also has several scents you can choose from and the brush I chose was the Pure Badger Brush. This brush is handmade and has very soft bristles. This brush is great once you wet it with warm water all it takes is a dip in the cream and watch the magic happen, You will get a huge spread going in a circular motion, if you want a thicker lather simply wet the super soft brush again that's it.

As you can see I'm very pleased with The Art Of Shaving products. If you haven't done so already I recommend you go out and give their products a try. Remember, they have it all, from razors to lotions for all different skin types, formulated just for men. Check out their website at

Thanks once again for reading and sharing my blog post and remember to CLICK THE BUTTON and FOLLOW MY BLOG for more info on products like this. Have a great day. THE ART OF SHAVING FULL SIZE GROOMING SET

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