Friday, July 25, 2014

Easy Crunchy Fried Chicken Recipe.

If you want the most beautiful, crunchy, tender, juicy fried chicken you've ever eaten, you gotta check out this recipe!

Hello guys,
Today I'll be sharing with you a recipe from my buddy +Ray Mack, this dude is awesome he has great recipes on  his YouTube channel both indoor and outdoor cooking check him out I'm sure you will enjoy his cooks. As for me, I wanted to try the Mack's Crispy Fried Chicken recipe. Its very easy all you need is chicken and a couple of eggs and your favorite seasonings. I have fried chicken before but I was always wishing it had more of a crunch and guys that's just what I got with this recipe. It was fantastic very flavorful tender and juicy. I fried boneless thighs and wings that I cut. Like I said nothing special just season your chicken however you like and instead of seasoning your flour... season your egg!
Next, you will want give your chicken a good coating with the egg wash and another good coating with the flour.
Keep in mind the more flour the crisper your chicken will be. Then proceed to fry, it's just that easy.

I was very shocked with the cooking process the cooking oil stayed nice a fresh I didn't have any burned spots on my chicken needless to say it was golden brown and very crispy as you will see in the photo.
My biggest like about this recipe is the crispiness of the chicken and the fact that the egg wash acts like a glue with the flour, you do have to worry about the flour falling off the chicken settling at the bottom of the pan only to be destroying your cooking oil.

So guys please try this recipe and go and subscribe to +Ray Mack on both YouTube and Google+ you won't be disappointed. Let him know that "TheBeardedMan" sent you. That's all for now, enjoy your weekend!

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