Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Green Grass-Less Watering-Two Products

Do you want beautiful green grass all year long, with less water consumption? Then try these two products!

Hey guys TheBeardedMan is back with some more of my cool gadgets and suggestions.

The information I'm sharing today is all about your landscaping, yeah that's right, you can't have a beautiful beard a nice smoker with a busted up yard. LOL! It's very simple believe or not. I'm gonna mention two products they both will make your lives of landscaping a whole lot easier. Let's get one thing clear before I start "I AM NOT A SCIENTIST I WILL NOT BE SPEAKING IN SCIENTIFIC TERMS".

Here in South Florida the majority of homes have St. Augustine grass. I have this grass at my home and it's very beautiful when treated properly. The first thing you would need to do is purchase some
"Scott's Bonus S Weed And Feed". This fertilizer is basically gonna destroy weeds and give the proper nutrients to your lawn. It always helps to read the bag of fertilizer to know how much to apply and when to apply, of course each type of grass is different.  I would recommend using a spreader.
The spreader will allow you to apply the proper amount to your lawn. Having to much fertilizer applied to your lawn could cause it to burn/die out.

The next item I use is call Milorganite. This product is known as the human waste fertilizer LOL I'll let you guys go to their website to read the very cool story about that.  I was told by a fella in +Lowe's Home Improvement  about 10 years ago about this product and I've been using it ever since. Milorganite is basically packed with iron and it makes your lawn a beautiful rich green color, this product is also good for your veggies, gardens, and fruit trees. After using this product you will notice how thick and plush your lawn is and you will have to water much less. There is one thing I must warn you about with this product. THE SMELL IS HORRIBLE!!! Lets just say you will ask yourself  is this stuff really made from human waste LOL!

Well that's all for know I hope this information will be useful for someone. If you find it helpful please feel free to share amongst your friends. Everyone deserves a beautiful yard, because TheBeardedMan said so!

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