Monday, July 28, 2014

Weber Lighter Cubes Review (For Grilling)

Wanna eat some Barbecue without the smell or taste of lighter fluid? Try these cubes and you'll never buy lighter fluid again.

Hey guys 
it's TheBeardedMan again and I wanted to share with you a couple of goodies I like to use When doing some outdoor cooking. 

I do a lot of smoking on the pit and this has become my pits best friend. I'm sure some of you know about this product  but for those who don't all I can say is get ready to throw away that smelly lighter fluid!
 I'm talking about the Weber Lighter Cubes, these puppies are very easy to use. Remember how aggravating it is wetting your coals with fluid only for them to burn out before the coals are completely hot? How about re-lighting them only for a blast of fire to shoot out of your grill and nearly burning off your beard? LOL

Solution: You drop 1-3 of these in the bottom of a chimney and dump some charcoal on top and light it with a lighter.The amount of cubes used will vary by the amount of charcoal. Let it sit for about 15 minutes and you got yourself a good fire going. It's idiot proof. I've did some research and the only place I found with this product is +Lowe's Home Improvement  and

*The Chimney is also a great item to have for Barbecuing. It's a great way to get your coals evenly hot and ready for the grill.
The Chimney

Weber Lighter Cubes

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