Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Weber 'Style' Wireless Thermometer Review

The Weber "STYLE" Wireless Thermometer is a backyard barbeque's best friend. You can actually take your eyes off the grill for a while and entertain your guests while the -Weber Style- watches the grill.

Hey guys

As I mentioned in my previous post I will be sharing some of my gadgets that I love to use and some that I think are a waste of time. Today I'll be talking about the Weber Style Wireless Thermometer. The Weber Style is a nice piece of equipment, make no mistakes about it, the machine stands out.
It has a sturdy feel, it also has a nice size LCD screen. The Thermometer comes with 2 probes. This product is gonna be giving you temps for your meat only you cannot use these probes for grill tempts.

There are several settings that can be used, from rare to well-done, and of course you have things like your timer, battery indicator, a beautiful back light, you even have indicators for the types of meat your gonna be grilling from lamb, chicken, pork, seafood...you get the picture!

With the Weber Style you can be at a distance of 250 feet max and still get a pretty accurate reading. When your meat temp increases beyond your settings, you'll get a sound indicating that rise. I have use this machine personally several times and I was pleased every time.

YES! I would recommend it. It's easy enough to setup (for a dummy like me..HA!) It's like having a pair of eyes on the grill at all times, even when you're watching the game!

This product can be purchased at +Amazon.com  I purchased mine for about $50.00 and it's well worth the price.

Thanks again for reading my blog and I hope to have answered someones questions. Have a great day!

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