Saturday, July 5, 2014

Maverick M Remote Smoker Thermometer Review

Leave your meat on the grill and go watch the game, the Maverick will let you know when it's done!

Whats up guys its another beautiful day in sunny South Florida. As u all know I love to BBQ and the weather is right to take a big bite!

Today I wanted to share with you something that I purchased and now I cant see myself living without, hell,  it may even be the next best thing to my cell phone! LOL. I'm talking about the Maverick M Remote Smoker Thermometer!!!

The Maverick Thermometer is an accurate meat smoker life saver. Its very easy to and setup. It's also wireless and you can be as far as 100 feet away with the transmitter (I actually went a little bit further than that) and I still got a pretty accurate reading on the meat.

You also have the privilege to set the alarm so if your temp drops too low or jumps too high the alarm will sound off... pretty cool right? Sad to say I couldn't find this product in Lowe's or Home Depot. I had to order it from I paid around $40.00 but to me its well worth every penny.

So, once again for all you guys and gals out there trying to smoke up the backyard this summer you should consider this product. Until next time keep it SMOKIN!!! Link is below.

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