Friday, March 29, 2013

Bald, Bearded, & Boozed

Tried some Rum last month but, I never posted the pics or told you what I thought about it,
shame on me, cause I like to share what I've drank and whether it was a good buy or not.

This Rum is called "Atlantico"it was sweet like the ripest plum I've ever tasted. It was very smooth and I chased it with Oceanspray CranApple. I think another great chaser would be Sprite, but it was definitely smooth enough to drink straight.

I'm usually not a Rum drinker but, I was convinced to try it by the guy in ABC Wine and Spirits who had set up a samples table. He had already sold me on the Rum because of it's taste but he sweetened the deal with this hat!

This was a picture of my beard last month before I shaved it down to even it out. Damn, I was almost SANTA Status!!!
1 point for TheBeardedMan! Ha!

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