Friday, March 15, 2013

Daughters: Sugar n Spice n everything NICE???

Bearded Guys...This one's for you,!

My daughters tried to force me to believe that their mother allows them to paint their own nails! My wife went away for a few hours and left me in charge. She fixed their dinner and gave them a bath and all I was supposed to do was watch them....but they got bored quickly.

My three year old steps up to me holding some of mommy's favorite pink nail polish and says, "Ooo...daddy, mommy always lets me polish my nails by myself cause I'm a big girl!" I thought about it and I said, "Okay, just put down a sheet of paper so you won't make a mess." I know what you're thinking...(YOU'RE AN IDIOT)! Yup,  They got me!

Needless to say, there's a great deal of pink polish on the beige carpet and my wife has no clue cause I covered it with a rug from the garage! I'll keep you guys posted about my hospital stay when she finds out! LOL #laughsnervously

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