Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"WHY IS IT'S?" #5

Beardie Ones,

Why the hell is it, that your co-workers feel like their shit doesn't stink? I mean Literally!!!

Today a co-worker of mine went into the bathroom which is located right next to my desk, he comes out fixing his freak'n tie and the scent that followed him as he tightly walked past my desk saying, "Morning" to everyone was horrendous!
He smelled like he ate loads of Gas Station Sushi!!!
I'm like, "Dude-Really?!!"

No damn respect for my personal space! More importantly, No air freshener! I mean, he could've cracked the bathroom window or something! He totally ruined my lunch and all of my desk work for at least 30 minutes.

PEOPLE!!! If there is a bathroom close to others at your job and you KNOW you have to do the #2, do us all a favor, take your stinky ass down the hall to another bathroom GEESH!

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