Sunday, March 24, 2013

My facial skin regimen

Okay Bearded Fellows...

I know you're saying why the hell does a man have a skin regimen! LOL I am too! My wife is a makeup artist and she's always reading these books about skin and how to tighten pores and crap like that. So, I apparently have big pores on my nose and hyper-pigmentation on the sides of my face. Now, I'm using clarifying cleansers and skin tightening astringents, but I hate to admit they're actually working!

We wash our faces every night with soaps. I use whatever is in the bathroom. My wife really frowns upon that, she'd rather me use some organic Neutrogena stuff. I do use the witch hazel astringent and after that I lotion my face with Aveeno. BTW, I've got another post about Aveeno shaving products. I'm really noticing a difference in my skin...NO JOKE...I'm not breaking out every five minutes either. I've been putting that lotion on my bald head too!

Just thought I'd share, it truly does work and I'm seeing a lot of dark spots I had from my football helmet days fade away. Check out her Blog when you can.

Tell her I sent you! (A few points with the wifey never hurts) LOL

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