Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"Why Is It?" #1

Hey People!

I've started this segment to this blog because Lucky lady and I always ask each other, Why is it? and then we proceed to come up with the stupidest questions known to mankind so, I was thinking...we can't be the only fools this side of the Atlantic that think of this type of shit! LOL

I decided to ask ya'll, "Why Is It?", that a homeless guy only asks for one damn dollar? Haven't you ever thought the same thing? I mean...what can a dollar buy these days? You certainly can't purchase anything that includes tax! You may be able to go to the corner store and buy a cold one but what if you're hungry too? Chips at the corner store are about 25 cents per bag plus tax, you're not even gonna feel those 6 little corn chips hit the bottom of your empty stomach so, you buy 2 more bags.

Dammit! now, you're filled with salt and need something to wash it all down, Here's the -Ahh Haa- moment.....less than 25 cents left....

I guess that's why he asks for another dollar! LOL

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