Sunday, March 24, 2013

Casino Blues...

lady luck was not on my side :(

As you all know from reading my interesting posts...I affectionately call my wife Lady Luck. Well, she wasn't with me at my latest excursion to the Hard Rock Cafe and Casino in Hollywood Florida. I tried and failed miserably at "Planet Moolah", which is my favorite, "Double Diamond", and "The Wizard of Oz, which I've murdered two times before!

Could it be that my wife is my good luck charm? Or, could it be that it was a busy weekend here in South Florida with the Music Festival Downtown Miami, the Dade County Youth Fair, Jazz in the Gardens and a million other tourist attractions here. I heard that the Casino's rack up on weekends like this! I mean, nobody hit any jackpots the whole night!!!

If you have some tips on the best days of the week to go or what games to play, please leave a comment!

:( Sincerely,

Broke in Miami

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