Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Bearded Men of "Duck Dynasty"

Aloha! My Bearded Fellowship,

Are you guys watching "Duck Dynasty"? If your not, you are truly not a lover of beards.

These guys are the epitome of outdoors men with a hilarious twist! They make duck calls which are little whistle-type things used during duck hunting season. Apparently they've cornered the market in it because I never heard of such a thing since until this show (and the guys are filthy rich).

Everyone on this show has a beard (except the women) and it's just a staple for the rugged man to have one in the deep south. My favorite character on the reality show is "Sy". That old bastard keeps my ass in stitches every episode. He's always giving silly advice while sipping on Ice Tea everywhere he goes.

I give these guys a "8 1/2" on TheBeardedMan's -Beardy scale-. Ten being the highest amount of Hairy, Scary, Manly Man you can be.

Check out this pic I got from the net!

Doesn't get more Bearded than that! Hail, to the tangled faced warriors!!! GRRRRRRRR.......

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